Carol Ptak, "In a supply chain, Where is more important than How Much!"


Chad Smith, "Bringing New Thoughts to the Supply Chain through MRP"


Chad Smith & Carol Ptak: Interview with Joe Dager, "Is Orlicky's MRP Relevant Today? Think DDMRP"


An Introduction to DDMRP

A 10 minute overview of the blueprint for MRP and DRP logic for the
21st century.

Fixing the Planning Problem

A 10 minute video on the problems associated with modern planning tools in today's complex and volatile environments.




























The ultimate materials and inventory planning and execution resource!

See what all the buzz is about with Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning (DDMRP).

Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning (DDMRP) is an innovative multi-echelon pull methodology to plan inventories and materials. It enables a company to build more closely to actual market requirements and promotes better and quicker decisions and actions at the planning and execution level. DDMRP was introduced in the book Orlicky's Materials Requirements Planning, Third Revised Edition by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith. Visit the DDMRP home page.